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Weather’n’ride: “the ecosurf”, is that possible?

After battling the waves backside , let our board for a moment and face the beachbreak . A surf in our thoughts make us any harm, isn’t it

The big question is : what would we do if one day everything disappears or if the seas overflowed too much and the waves are too powerful and dangerous ? Two explanations : global warming and ice melting ( the Ice Floe ) .

At a time when climatologists , oceanographers and environmentalists are sounding the alarm, Weather’n’ride and surfers may well contribute because this natural element that we use to live our passions, needs to be preserved.


Surfing a “green” sport , but …

It is an idea that has remained in the minds since the first surfboards were made of wood ( redwood, breadfruit … ) and could weigh up to 50 kg. The clothing was rudimentary ( shorts, swimsuit ) and even some surfers were almost naked , this is also the reason for the ban in Hawaii during the XIXth century by missionaries because it was considered as an act of depravity.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that the sea is the only place to practice this sport so no need to shave green spaces to build stadiums or tracks.

So many surfers are involved in efforts to preserve the beaches : cleanings, creating associations involved , blogs and sites that educate more on environmental protection ..

However, the passion comes at a price if you make a list of all the chemicals that go into making paraphernalia . Namely:

  • polyurethane resin , fiberglass , chemical solvents such as acetone to make longboards , shortboards the hybrid , guns, fish , mini malibu
  • Neoprene suits, tops , hoods , gloves, slippers , this product is certified 100% non recyclable and derived frompetroleum
  •  petroleum and paraffin are the major component of the wax
  • sun cream that has a devastating effect on the seabed , especially on coral .

We must not forget that these products are in permanent contact with skin so in addition to allergies it could have long term effects . To this should be added the repeated movement of surfers that encourages the use of gasoline and kerosene, whose harmfulness is already demonstrated.

Basically the verdict is clear: a wipe- out!


“The Ecosurf ” it is quite possible :

Some brands and shops have understood the concept by creating recyclable products or ” ecofriendly ” , some even speak of greenwashing to show their commitment. These products are certainly expensive, but if it can limit the damage is already a great step forward .

One could also repair the equipment as far as possible instead of getting rid of it at every opportunity .

Some choose to venture into warmer waters and thus surf  with shorts or swimsuit  so as to banish the suits .

Ultimately it is above all to be aware of the dangers and talk around.



Some brands ” ecofriendly ”

Notox that offers various products, mainly boards

Bio -Wax made ​​of beeswax and pine resin of the Landes (France)

EVOA range of environmentally friendly sun creams

Welcome to the world Weather’n’ride

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