Grand Prix of the Naval School (Grand Prix Ecole Navale)

Grand Prix Ecole Navale has become a key event in the world of sailing. This is a monotype competition that lasts four days and includes various series of boats such as Open 5.70 6.50 Class, Monotype 7.50, J80, Longtze among others. Skippers according to their category can align in the harbor of Brest, Iroise Sea and Bay of Douarnenez (Finistère).

In 2011, Penn Ar Bed Paddle Race, a competition of stand up paddle came to be added to thereby increase the international scope of the event.

GPEN take place from 29 May to 1 June 2014.


Rear-Admiral Philippe Hello, Commander of Ecole Navale (the naval school)

A little history …

GPEN was born in 2002 on the initiative of the Naval Academy to enjoy and to share its particular water , creating its own competition. This first edition will see a fleet of 60 boats: monotypes and sportboats and have 200 participants.
In 2009 the French Sailing Federation comes into play when deciding to entrust the Naval Academy , the organization of the Championship of France Promotion Monotypes habitable . This partnership also assign more credibility , reputation and prestige as the competition at the Naval Academy and will therefore strengthen the links between the latter and the Navy.

This year, the GPEN will host nearly 900 sailors from France and Europe, spread over 190 boats: these figures are provisional as the inscriptions are not closed. The test of RC sailboats and sailing wounded defense are major innovations: evidence of a runaway success . Weather’n’ride is also part and provide the high resolution weather and accurate information on the spots concerned, timely data.

Ultimately, this symbiosis is not the work of some rigorous officers, enthusiastic sailors and experienced meteorologists , human PASSION is the alpha and omega.

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Rade de Brest


Bay of Douarnenez




Cove Poulmic