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The following items describe the conditions under which the company Weather’n’co provides access to the web application distributed under the name ” Weather’n’ride .”
The Terms of Use apply are those in force when connecting and using the services of web application Weather’n’ride , accessible via the internet, and in all types of media (PC, Smartphones , tablets). Registration as a user Weather’n’ride and its use implies that you acknowledge that you have read the Terms & Conditions Weather’n’ride and unreservedly accept the following:

Article 1 – Purpose of Weather’n’ride

Weather’n’ride is a web application multi support, available on PC, tablet and smartphone. The services offered by Weather’n’ride were created to enable users to receive information on meteorological and oceanographic character . Weather’n’co reserves the right to include advertising on the web Weather’n’ride application, and commercial offers made ​​by third parties will be offered available to users , with reference to merchant sites . Business proposals may eventually use the geo-location .

Article 2 – Registration and use of Weather’n’ride

Weather’n’ride provides information to meteorological and oceanographic character produced by proprietary algorithms , operated on by Weather’n’co through collaboration with Intel computers. Depending on the degree of resolution of the information provided , the service may require Weather’n’ride to subscribe to a paid subscription.
Therefore , access to Weather’n’ride functionality requires the creation of a user account to connect to the service .
Equipment (computers , smartphones, software , communications ) allowing access to Weather’n’ride are your sole responsibility , as well as connection charges and telecommunications induced by their use, which can not be in any cases included in the service.
After registering you have a username and password private and confidential . These credentials will not in any case be transmitted to third parties. Weather’n’co can not be held responsible for the loss of these identifiers. You are solely responsible for misuse by third parties or not your credentials . You agree and acknowledge willingly that you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of credentials associated with your account. If you think someone is using your account or your identity fraudulently , you must notify us immediately by email at ” . ”

Management of personal data

The company Weather’n’co respects your privacy and said a Freedom of Information Agent ( CIL ) with the National Commission of Information and Liberties (CNIL). As such Weather’n’co remains the sole decision as to the content posted on the Service Weather’n’ride and may decide unilaterally not to publish or delete a commercial offer that contravenes the principles of netiquette , available on the site. Responsibility Weather’n’co can not therefore be held as such . The personally identifiable information you enter is used to allow you to benefit from the various services Weather’n’ride . All precautions have been taken to store your information in a secure environment. Your information entered by you may, however, be disclosed to third parties , leased , sold or exchanged. By opening your user account, you agree to give your consent to this commercial purposes. Each user may object at any time to the use of their personal data , at its discretion and without charge. By the functioning of a Web site, certain non-personal information may be collected as the page visited , the browser version , your operating system and your IP address. You have at any time the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you ( art. 34 of the ” Informatique et Libertés” law) . You can exercise this right by contacting via email : . You can terminate your account at any time, in accordance with Article 7 – Termination of your account provided in the Terms & Conditions .

Information collected on Weather’n’ride

The information gathered by Weather’n’ride are:

your name and e -mail address.
Information collected automatically : Weather’n’co collects and mémorisedes information transmitted automatically from your computer when you use the Weather’n’ride services. This information includes cookies ( see below ) and your IP address. Information about your use of Weather’n’ride services may also be taken , such as the features you use and headings of the various departments consulted.
Cookies: Cookies are a standard Internet technology. Weather’n’co utilisedes cookies when you visit the site Weather’n’ride to prevent you from having to manually enter the same information for each new page and to let you see the contents appear custom page (choice pallets , for example) .
When you access pages Weather’n’ride service one or more cookies ( small files containing a string of characters ) are transmitted to your computer, smarphone or tablet to identify your browser uniquely. These cookies are used to improve the quality of our service by storing information that you entered during your visit, especially for connecting to your account, saving you from having to re-enter during ‘ next visit . The shelf life of this information in your computer for the duration of a session for some time (several minutes ) or permanent for others ( to delete).
We inform you that you may oppose the registration of “cookies” via your browser configuration menu.
Use and disclosure of information

For the proper functioning of Weather’n’ride , and to offer you quality services , we use the following information:

We will use your email address to contact you, and will also be required to use it for security reasons, so that you confirm that you are who you claim to be . You can select the type of emails you receive and the frequency of sending your e -mail preferences.
We may use the information collected automatically , such as your e -mail address and information stored via cookies , and information about your use of Weather’n’ride service in order to obtain statistics on the number of visitors and customize the content, layout and services Weather’n’ride . We can also use our understanding of your interests to show commercial offers or banners in line with taste.
Personally identifiable information about you as a user of Weather’n’ride can be accessed or disclosed in response to legal process, in other circumstances Weather’n’co believes that the Services are used in the commission a crime when Weather’n’co has good reason to believe there is an emergency situation posing a threat to your safety or the safety of others.
Personally identifiable information collected through your use of the Service may be stored in France or in other countries where Weather’n’co may be required to operate the infrastructure. In case of transfer out of France , the services used will ensure a level of protection of personal data equivalent degree of protection operated in France . By using the Service , you expressly agree to the transfer to France and elsewhere personally identifiable information you provide to Weather’n’ride .
Weather’n’co reserves the right to transfer your personal information in casde transfer of ownership of Weather’n’ride service, for example after a merger or acquisition by another company.
Security and Privacy

Weather’n’co implements various safety devices (technical, administrative and physical ) for protecting the confidentiality of your data.
However, Weather’n’co can not guarantee the infallibility of these safety devices . The security of your personal information depends on the protection of your account and password . So you must be careful not to disclose the password to your account to unauthorized persons . No password is stored in clear on servers Weather’n’co . All passwords are encrypted user accounts . However, data confidentiality may have to be temporarily waived for purely technical reasons .
Access to your personal information is restricted only to authorized by us to access as part of their work within Weather’n’co . If you discover a security vulnerability data, or if you have any questions regarding the security of our site , thank you to contact us by email at:

Article 3 – Liability

3-1. The content of digital meteorological and oceanographic information disseminated through the are intended exclusively for major users, individuals , and acting as unprofessional. The company Weather’n’co not be questioned nor be partially responsible for an accident following a consultation of information services Weather’n’ride accident.
Weather’n’co can not guarantee the accuracy of weather – océanograpahiques information delivered through the Weather’n’ride service. These can not and should in no way substitute issued by official bodies such as France Weather forecast .
Therefore, the information that is provided on the overall service and the facts Weather’n’ride direct or consequential arising events, will under no circumstances allow the cause of Weather’n’co and liability arising in any way whether the user is solely responsible for any damages , direct or indirect , material or immaterial it would suffer or undergo others, since they would cause, basis or origin use of the service by himself or by any person authorized by him to use the Weather’n’ride service. For use, it is meant any use of the site, whether fraudulent or not fraudulent.

3-2. Hyperlinks may link to other sites that the Weather’n’ride site.
By clicking on these links, you leave the site and thus Lead researcher on the sites on which the company has no control Weather’n’co . Therefore, Weather’n’co disclaims any responsibility in case the content of these sites would contravene the legal and regulatory provisions in force.
Weather’n’co warns persons holding parental authority on diversity and the nature of the content available on the Internet , which may be likely to harm minors . So parents are encouraged to monitor their children when they connect .

3-3. Weather’n’co undertakes to use its best efforts to secure access , consultation and use of equipment in accordance with the rules of Internet use . Access to services can Weather’n’ride 24/24H and 7/7d , except in cases of force majeure or events outside our control and subject to any breakdowns and maintenance necessary for the proper functioning of site and the materials , which can be made without having informed you beforehand. However, to the extent possible, prior Weather’n’co inform its members of updates and maintenance . Same responsibility Weather’n’co may be sought under dysfunction, inability to access or poor operating conditions due to inadequate equipment services, disruptions related to the access provider user , the Internet network congestion and / or for any other reason related to an external fact to Weather’n’ride service.
External related Weather’n’ride Free Service service may be discontinued either temporarily or permanently , without notice to you and will under no circumstances be prosecuted for any reason whatsoever . The user is free to use these services by accepting that they can stop at any time without préavis.En Accordingly, you agree to the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, and especially recognize :

Are you aware of the nature of the Internet , including its technical performance and response times for consulting, querying or transferring information;
that disclosure of your any access codes and generally of any information deemed confidential is made at your own risk ;
it is your responsibility to take all measures necessary to ensure that the specifications of your computer , smartphone or tablet allows you consult the information , you must have the skills, hardware and software required for the use of Internet . You acknowledge that the characteristics and constraints of the Internet does not guarantee the availability, security and integrity of data transmissions over the Internet.
it is your responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect your personal data and / or software from contamination by viruses circulating potentially through the site and / or information .
3-4. Weather’n’co in no way be held responsible for any defects or préjudicessubis by its users because of the services or products they have acquired in the course of commercial offers via Weather’n’ride service when well even these offers would be considered misleading , unfair or aggressive , not being neither the author nor the publisher.

Article 4 – Operation

Weather’n’co reserves the right to modify or to change at any time Weather’n’ride content , services or the Terms & Conditions which apply to it .
These changes will be effective upon posted on the Weather’n’ride site. You will be deemed to have accepted such changes by continuing to use Weather’n’ride . Therefore, the presence of a user on the site and / or application assumes its full and any revision or modification of the Website and its application acceptance.

Article 5 – Intellectual Property

You acknowledge and agree that Weather’n’co holds all the intellectual property rights relating to the service.
Trademarks, domain names , trade names , logos and other distinctive sign Weather’n’co and Weather’n’ride , graphics, photographs, animations, videos and text contained on Weather ‘ n’ride are the intellectual property of Weather’n’co and may not be reproduced , used or represented without the express permission of Weather’n’co under penalty of prosecution.
Use rights are granted by Weather’n’co in digital form for the purpose of viewing pages consulted by navigation software. Printing is permitted for private copying for the exclusive use of the copier within the meaning of Article L.122 -5- 2 of the Code of Intellectual Property .
Any other use is prohibited without the prior written permission Weather’n’co . Are specifically prohibited to modify, copy, reproduce, upload, post, transmit, publish, perform, display , commercially exploit and / or distribute
any way exclusive information Weather’n’co owns , including data , text, software , photographs , images, layouts, graphics. Only modules weather outsourced (heading webmasters ) , dedicated to the promotion of Weather’n’ride content , can be used on remote sites.

Article 6 – License Weather’n’ride

Weather’n’co gratuitous grants you a non-exclusive personal, non-transferable , and worldwide usage Weather’n’ride service. This license is intended to allow you to use the services in accordance with these Terms of Use .
You may not copy , modify, create a derivative work , disassemble, reverse engineer , decompile or otherwise attempt whatsoever to extract the source code of all or part of the service, unless the law the expressly or if you have been expressly authorized by Weather’n’co requires.
Unless expressly authorized in writing by Weather’n’co , you may not assign (or sub- license of) your rights to use , grant a security interest in the service or your right to use or dispose of or otherwise make available any part of your rights to use the Software .

Article 7 – Termination of your account

You can cancel your subscription at any time and your Weather’n’ride account. The deletion of your account and your personal data will be effective upon processing your request. For users subscribing to the paid service, the deletion will be effective after the due date of the subscription . However, no pro-rata refund of the subscription period will be made.
In case of breach by you of these Terms of Use, Weather’n’co reserves the right, in its sole discretion , suspend or terminate your account without notice, without severance and without it being requested refund of the subscription paid in advance . You agree that any termination of your access to the Service under the Terms of Use may be exercised without notice , and you acknowledge and agree that Weather’n’co may immediately deactivate or delete your account and all related information and files in your account and / or bar any further access to such files or the Services Weather’n’ride . To the extent possible, Weather’n’co will use reasonable efforts to inform members of the termination or suspension of their access to Weather’n’ride . Such termination shall take effect without prejudice to any damages that may be claimed by you Weather’n’co or its assigns and legal representatives for damages suffered as a result of such breaches.

Article 8 – Complaints and Inquiries

For any complaint or information, please write to :
La  Pelousière 35630 LANGOUËT
or email to:

Article 9 – Applicable law – Juridiction

Any dispute relating to the formation, performance and termination of contractual relations between the parties can not lead to a settlement , shall be referred to the courts of the spring seat Weather’n’co . Express agreement between the parties , their contractual relationships will be governed by and subject to French law.