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Les Briantais, Lancieux

Bretagne, France

The ideal beach for all sectors except northeast. Saint-Jacut is preferred or the beach of Saint-Sieu. Just watch the tide that affects the practice of this spot. Mid tide to high tide, it’s definitely the hottest spot in the region. Its ease and exposure in the background, the reference wind southwest on the northern coast, which also explains the influx that can be observed, but always some place available, given space in the bay. Another advantage is very little background which allows very long ride safely. By Northwest well emerge from the influence of the edge of the mound, and then you can enjoy this spot but the bottom of bay.The waves, never more than 40 cm is that the bottom bay amortized any swell.

Surf: forget simpler. Aiming Longchamps.

Secteurs de vent favorable pour la pratique du kite et de la planche