The most beautiful spots in the world: great for holidays

We are ready, everything is stalled: new combination, new board or waxed so well, but we still hesitate about the destination, some spots chosen by Weather’n’ride:


The island remains the birthplace of surfing, dream destination, or pilgrimage for any surfer. Each year thousands of enthusiasts, amateurs and beginners gather to face waves that can reach up to 10 m high, especially on the north coast of Oaku which alone groups these spots: Chun’s ReefVelzyland, Laniakea, , Gas Chambers, Backdoor, Pupukea, Log Cabins, Leftovers,   Silver Channel,  Avalanche, Kaena PointsBackyards… Winter (November to April) is the best season for surfing high level but if you can deal with the crowds why not. Beginners can always go on the south coast of Oaku, the famous beaches of Waikiki are very quiet spot, you can even rent a board and take some lessons. There are hotels for all budgets (book well in advance), otherwise use the system D: the tent.

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 Sight on Kauai in Hawaï 

The Réunion Island

The west coast of the island is the meeting place for surfers. You can get to Saint Leu, where are the preserved lagoons of Bourbon Island. Do not forget to observe and try to understand a strange natural phenomenon: the Souffleur (Blower), and also make a stop at Roches Noires, where you can find surfers and surfers apprentices.

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The capital: Saint-Denis

The island of Reunion is infamous for shark attacks, you must then be well informed from the authorities, the local population and surfers who live there for years; on risk zones, it is never too careful.

La Nord in Hossegor, France

The spot of La Nord in Hossegor offers the best waves of France and powerful swells. The spot regularly hosts World Championship Tour, and the elite surfing. The wave of La Nord is hollow and allows you to surf tow-in because it releases a large amount of water. France offers a multitude of interesting spots such as:  Les Cavaliers in Anglet, Les Estagnots in SeignosseLa Santocha in  Capbreton,  Côtes des Basques in Biarritz  La Torche in Bretagne Lacanau…

The Canary Islands, Spain

With the economic crisis, Spain has become, along with Greece and Portugal, one of the least expensive destinations in Europe, and therefore suitable for those wishing to stay in Europe. You can get to Tenerife (ideally between September and May), and enjoy the waves of Punta de Hidalgo, Bajamar, Los dos hermanos or to Almaciga. In the archipelago, change site on your own in search of the best wave, go to Grandes Playas example, on the island of Fuerteventura.


For some years some surfers in search of novelties and exoticism, choose to cross the Mediterranean to go to Morocco where there are beautiful spots:  Killer Point, Anchor Point, The Well, Jack Beach, Tamaris 2 Chinese Hat . One can take the opportunity to discover the unique cultural and architectural heritage, the cities of Fez and Mekness are evidence.

South Africa is also very prized by surfers. The country brings together the most beautiful spots in Africa: Cave Rock, Saint Paul Bay and Jeffreyx Bays. You can also offer to yourself a safari through parks with picturesque landscapes, story of a change.

Senegal  (west Africa), also attracts surfers: beaches Ngor and Yoff in Dakar the capital, offer beautiful spots, but they are crowded in summer. For more tranquility, you can leave the capital to get to Saint-Louis in the north where the spot Hydrobase awaits you; or  in the south to Cape Skirring, a favorite spot. Summer in Senegal coincide with school holidays and the opening of the tourist season, for more quiet it is better to frequent private beaches.

Australia and New Zealand

Trendy destination, with 37,000 km of coastline, total 10,685 beaches, Australia has much to be a rival of size against Hawaii. Since this is a considerable spoiled for choice it is better get information on the spot. Beginners can enroll in a surf school, there are a hundred. The selection of Weather’n’ride: inTasmania: Shipsterns, Ann Bay, Arthur River, Back of Lighthouse, Bay of Fire; in Victoria: 13th Beach, Aspendale, Black Beach, Bells Beach, Barwon Heads East/ West; Western & South Australia: Augusta, Bandy Creek, Beachport, Anvils.

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The remoteness of New Zealand attracts surfers willing to give everything to live their passion in quiet, because there are some beautiful and deserted spots, far from Raglan (Manu Bay) considered one of the best spots in the world . The waves are frequent and consistent and the water is not polluted. Another particularity: you can surf and snowboard in the same day, and to avoid investing in a hotel room, you can camp for free in nature. Of the 400 spots that make up this country we have selected: 90 miles Beach, Ahipara Bay, Ambury Park, Ashworths Beach,  Bayly Road,Bayswater Sand Spit, Bethells Beach, Big Manly, Boulder Bank, Brows Bay, Bucklands Beach, Castelpoint Beach, Cheltenham Beach, Clifford Bay, Cornwallis

Still undecided??  You will surely find your happiness by using the search engine Weather’n’ride to choose among the 3,000 spots referenced … Or better yet share your favorite spots.

Of course there’s not only surfing in life! You can still enjoy there: sailing, rowing, kite surfing, windsurfing, underwater diving, or so a little away from the beaches to indulge in skateboarding or rollerblading.

 So pack your bags and boards!